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So after the test ride, it was back to the dealer to turk turkey on a deal.

I’d always like the “Aluminium Silver” model, but the “Phantom Black” on the demo ride looked good and of course my bike gear is all black as well…

Anyway, they had a brand new silver one in stock so the sales guy, Richard, took me to look at it. It wasn’t as nice as I’d remembered from the London Motorcycle Show but it still looked good.

Back down to talk figures and we started haggling over this bike:

  • New black or silver Triumph Sprint GT 1050 ABS with colour matched panniers
  • Powered top case and colour matched lid with sliding carriage kit
  • Top case back rest
  • Heated handlebar grips
  • Comfort gel seat
  • Machined alloy brake and clutch levers
  • Pannier inner bags

The price was finally one we could both agree to so I plumped for the black and shook on it. So Goth Trumpet is on order, deposit paid and it should be with me a in a couple of weeks. I completely forgot to order the tank pad as well, so I’ll sort that out tomorrow.

I popped back at a little later on Saturday with the retention certificate for the vanity plate, so 8000 RM will be on the road soon!

Oh and that silencer: I’ve ordered a Remus Hexacone carbonfibre silencer (with removal baffle…) that I’ll be fitting as soon as I get the Sprint home.